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Here at The Frankie Fund we are always looking for inventive ways for people to give and inventive ways to give back. To that end we have commissioned some art for sale as NFTs through Rarible and as a fun way for the community to support The Henzi Foundation and The Frankie Fund.

See our growing collection of NFTs below – the sale of each benefit the charity at 100% and all proceeds and royalties go directly to The Frankie Fund. This is your place to buy an NFT for charity.

The Frankie, An NFT Collection

You can help The Frankie Fund meet its goal of providing for every child funeral in America by buying and selling these exclusive non-fungible tokens.

Frankie Saves the World (With Bitcoin)

Frankie Saves the World

Using crypto and the power of the blockchain, Frankie saves the world.

Frankie Fund Character Logo

The Frankie

Our hero, The Frankie.
Own the NFT that brands this site!

The Frankie Pixel Kid

This cyberpunk can’t stop smiling, own the NFT today.

The Frankie Coin - A Bitcoin Like Coin For The Frankie Fund

The Frankie Coin

No, this isn’t an ICO. We are not (yet) crowdfunding a coin sale. While one day we may mint our own ERC-20 tokens, we aren’t yet ready to support that endeavor. Instead we have this beautiful work that could serve as a wallpaper as well as a badge of appreciation for giving to The Frankie Fund. As with the other NFTs we have for sale on our site, this NFT will unlock the ability to be listed as a donor on our forthcoming donor pages.


Unlike the other rare NFTs we have for sale, this one is offered as a flat price of 0.01 ETH and has a limited run of 25 copies. No others will be made. Be one of the donors that gets highlighted by buying this NFT today.

Recent Donors


Anonymous GoFundMe Donors

Multiple $100 Donors


Steven Williams III

$200 - GoFundMe, Our Highest Donation


A.K. Siddappa

$100 Our First Donor, Jumped at Giving!

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