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Cryptocurrency Donations

You can help The Henzi Foundation meet it’s goals of funding the Frankie Fund and building our war chest by donating your crypto. Currently we are accepting your Bitcoin, DOGECOIN and Ethereum (and ERC-20 tokens) through the addresses below. See our FAQ below for more information on the tax advantages of donating your cryptocurrency and understand our promise to families in need. Or if you’d rather support us by buying, selling and trading NFTs we have a growing collection – please see our NFT gallery.


QR Code to Donate Bitcoin to The Frankie Fund


NOTE: Above address is for BTC only!e784DB8CB6909a6ff24AAD9a39dAd7E87642902


The Frankie Fund - QR Code for Ethereum and Ethereum ERC20 Token Donations


Note: Above address is for ETH & ERC-20 Tokens Only!



Frankie Fund DOGECOIN Crypto Donation Address


Note: Such caution, DOGE only!

Own the official NFTs!

You can help out the Frankie Fund by bidding on and owning the official Frankie NFT.
While we will retain the rights to the image, you can own the sole official copy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be recognized/stay anonymous?

A few of our Gofundme donors have decided to stay anonymous and we not only thank them for giving but respect their desire to protect their privacy.

The advantage to using cryptocurrency day to day is that you can anonymize your activities. If you were to donate today through one of the addresses or QR codes above we would not know who donated. However if you would like to align your crypto donation to recognition of your generosity we are happy to highlight you! Please get in contact with us through The Henzi Foundation to be recognized.

What will you do with the crypto donations?

HODL. Here at The Henzi Foundation we are looking at donations of crypto into the Frankie Fund to be those building our long term war chest. We will not convert those donations to cash unless

  • There is a windfall event in terms of value (500%)
  • We know we can make a major and immediate impact with the money.

Is donating this way safe?

The best advice would be to ensure that if you’re looking to donate your cryptocurrency to the Frankie Fund that you understand how to send those fund to the proper address, on the correct network. Having said that many are now making donations to their favorite charities with cryptocurrency.

If you are wanting to donate crypto and want to be sure your donation lands in the Frankie Fund wallet, feel free to contact us for help.


Is there a tax advantage to donating with crypto?

Yes, and no. Typically one would not try to take a tax deduction when making a crypto donation. However, if you have speculated on Bitcoin or an Ethereum token and have turned a profit, you now must claim that income to the IRS. It may benefit you to defer some of the profits to charity and minimize your tax burden.

In fact, many are selling off their crypto to escape raising taxes – instead consider donating your profits (or even your DOGECOINs).

Our Misson

The Frankie Fund Purpose

To aid in providing financial relief to families or caregivers of children to assist with the final expenses due to an unexpected loss

Donate Easily

Make an impact in a families life by donating now. We are standing by to help a family in need and ready to connect them with your donation. Giving is made easy, you can donate through PayPal or GoFundMe through The Henzi Foundation.

Helping Everyone

We aim to provide this relief regardless of the child’s race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or cause of death. All funds paid out would be directly to those providing the service such as funeral homes, obituary and legacy services, etc.

Our Promise

Until we can fully fund a funeral for a departed child, we will not spend one penny from the Frankie Fund. Through 2021 we will support the work of The Henzi Foundation and its goals personally. Give directly today to someone who needs your suport.

Recent Donors


Anonymous GoFundMe Donors

Multiple $100 Donors


Steven Williams III

$200 - GoFundMe, Our Highest Donation


A.K. Siddappa

$100 Our First Donor, Jumped at Giving!

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